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The Fun Transfer Factory novelty customised T-shirts are probably the fastest selling, high volume, non-licensed childrens T-shirts around today. Unique novelty themed letters for personalising and customising swimbags, caps. hoodies or T-shirts while your customers wait.

These letters are not the average transfers. The substances used in the production makes them stretchable, washable to 60 degrees and extremely durable. If you are searching for a high volume, creative, highly profitable new line to sell in your shop, mall, fair or holiday centre you have found one.

A stand alone product that has more than proven itself in the leisure industry. The success is due to the interactive element of the child being able to create. The result being a bespoke garment with the personal touch. This is an easy process with no paints or mess just an ordinary heat press. A T-shirt can be made from start to finish in 60 seconds.

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